Stücktexte (Auszüge)

(von Niels Bormann, Chris Daftsios, Angharad Davies und Hanna Hegenscheidt)

Deutschstunde # 27

N: Wie geht´s.
C: Wie geht´s.
N: (schreibt) Siehste so, wie geht´s.
C: Wie geht´s.
N: Danke! Super.

Gespräch zwischen N und C, A nimmt als Übersetzerin teil (Auszug)

C: Do you know where pigs come from?
A: Weißt du wo die Schweine herkommen?
N: Nein.
A: No
C: I saw a documentary about where our meat comes from, how we kill the animals and where we get our fur from, and one of the worst images that I saw was this fox, they skinned it and it was still alive, they didn´t kill it they didn´t do anything to it they just cut it and ripped it of.
A: Ein Fuchs, ohne Haut, es lebt.
N: Sag ihm er soll sich entspannen.
A: You should relax.
C: You look…you look creepy.
N: Was ist creepy?
A: Sehr wie ein alter Mann in der Ecke und ein bisschen böse und …äh…verkrampft.
C: You look like…if you were in Amerika you would be ….fuck…I can´t do this.
N: Sag ihm er soll es einfach sagen. Ich nehm es nicht persönlich.
A: Just say it. He doesn´t take it personal.
C:…(louder) If I just met you and your mouth was closed I wouldn´t know how many teeth you had.
A: Er weiß nicht wieviele Zähne du hast.
C: Your face is red. Your neck is skinny. (yells) Your neck is skinny and your skin is not the right color. Your forehead and your cheeks and your neck are all a different color and then your eyebrows and your beard are a different color and what is going on with your forehead, you have a red bump on your forehead. What is that. You have lines that start and end and start and end on your forehead.
A: du siehst ein bißchen schlecht aus.
N: Ok, sag ihm…
C: (overlapping) and when you speak it´s like you´re vomiting blood.
A: (overlapping) Okay, no. Maybe try something different.
C: Ok. you were not a good son to your mother. She did a lot for you.
A: (overlapping) Du warst kein guter Sohn.
C: She did so much for you and you didn´t appreciate her at all.
A: (overlapping) Deine Mutter war sehr nett.
C: And you´re doing the same thing with people around you. You act like a little child that wants to be taken care of.
A: (overlapping) Du bist immernoch wie ein Kind.
C laugh
N: weiter, weiter.
A: Go…
C: Äh…you think the problem is other people, but it´s actually you,
A: (overlapping) Du bist das Problem.
C: it´s always you.
A: (overlapping) Immer du.
C: You look at other people and you´re jealous.
A: (overlapping) Du bist neidisch auf andere Menschen.
N: das ist gut mit dem Neid.
C look at A
C: Well, he is jealous of everyone. He is jealous of me that I have more hair that I am better looking, that I am succesful. He looks at me and he is trying to make me bad in your mind. He says, “he is shorter than I”. He is not a good friend cause he is jealous.
N: Sag ihm es ist besser wenn er zu mir spricht.
A: Speak to him.
N: Sag ihm er kann auch aufstehen und um mich herumgehen.
A: You can also stand up and go around him.
N: …wenn er es möchte.
A: If you would like to.
C: What´s the point if he is not taking it personal.
N: Ich nehms persönlich.
A: He does take it personal.
N: Aber nicht auf ihn bezogen.
A: But not from you.
C: You, you are disgusting, you are disgusting.
A: Du bist eklig.
C: Your habits are disgusting.
A: Was du machst ist eklig.
C (laut) to A: What is this. I don´t wanna do this (steht auf, geht herum, N und A warten, C setzt sich wieder). Give me a subject…God, you Germans…You are ugly and white and you don´t even know it. You are stupid. What you are doing is of no importance. If you die noone will take notice. You talk and talk and talk, etetet, and you make up stories and they are totally empty. There´s nothing going on inside. You think that people love you and that you are connecting with people, but nobody loves you. Nobody loves you, because you never meant anything to anyone.
A: Niemand liebt dich. Du hast nie jemandem etwas bedeutet.
N: Ich hab gerade gedacht…wir vergessen jetzt mal was da passiert ist. Ich möchte, dass er mir 10 Dinge sagt, die wahnsinnig toll sind an mir.
A: 10 things that are crazy good about him.
C: Oh, god! You´re the…you´re sooo…one thing is that you are an amazing improviser. When you were doing that thing where you were talking and then you were leaving a word out, that was insanely wonderful.
N: Sag ihm er soll nicht so übertreiben bitte, das ist mir unangenehm.
A: You are making him uncomfortable because you are exaggerating.
C: I am not, I am not exaggerating.
C: Okay. You were not only making up a story, but you were leaving out words. I was actually watching you and trying to do that in my head…
N: Sag ihm es ist zuviel. Er soll weniger machen.
A: It´s too much. Say less.
C: ok, less, ok. Ahm…
A: 10 things.
C. 10 things, ok. …äh…I really am jealous of your height. You are very tall, there´s a presence to that…ähm…I love that you´re so sweet and you are open.
N: Er soll´s nicht so direkt sagen.
A: You shouldn´t be so direct.
C: Ok….what do you mean?
N: Nicht so direkt, er soll´s besser verpacken.
Pause (eyecontact)
N: Sag ihm er soll mich nicht angucken.
A: You shouldn´t look at him.
C: …alright (versucht mit seinen Augen einen anderen Punkt zum fixieren zu finden)
C: (looks somewhere else) I am not sure now… (N zeigt wo C gucken soll) Okay…I think that you are very open, an open person...ähm…your being makes me calm. I feel when you walk into a room everyone is just exhaling…
N: eine sekunde…
N geht weg mit Stuhl. Setzt sich.
N: Sag ihm, er soll es dir sagen. Und zwar son bisschen leiser. So als würde er es nur dir sagen.
A: So just say it to me, and say it quieter.
C: Ok. He…he is so purky…
N: leiser
A: Quieter
C: He…(wispers)
N: Stands up, comes closer a little
C: And I like the way he moves. It´s so interesting. Like a bird…it´s just very…
N. nee, sag ihm er soll das mit dem Vogel nicht sagen.
A: no bird.
C: Ok. I feel like I wanna follow him. That could be because he is tall. But I think he has a presence on stage…every thing he does, you´re watching it.
N: Entschuldigung, jetzt antwortest du ihm auch mal, ihr könnt jetzt zu zweit sprechen, aber weiter, schnell und dasselbe Thema und mehr über den character, die Persönlichkeit.
A: I think he is very polite.
C: yes, he is very polite and understanding.
A: yeah, and it comes from an honest place.
C: yes, and he includes everyone when he talks.
A: hm…he draws you in when he speaks.
C: yes he draws me in.
A: he has the ability to really find out from other people what they feel.
C: yes, yes.
A: he wants to know.
C: yeah that´s right he wants to know.
N: (hinterm Vorhang) und jetzt lauter.
C: äh…and he…yes he
A: he is very generous,
C: he is generous, he always says “have some chocolate”.
A: I know. And he is very giving of himself, his time.
C: yes, his time.
A: He is very warm.
C: Yes, he is very warm,
A: Very, he is hot actually.
C: yes, I came in today and he was sweating.
A: yeah, he is healthy too.
N: Nee, das mit dem Schweiß nicht, das möchte ich nicht.