(Auszüge aus Stücktexten von Martin Clausen, Chris Daftsios und Hanna Hegenscheidt)

C   Ansprache mit Sprachbehinderung (Auszug)

I hope you´ve enjoyed your time…with…I hope you´ve enjoyed your time tonight…I really have…and…I think that I did take care of everything…I think you …did I give you my bank account number? …Yeah, I think you have everything…and I think that takes care of…everything…Because all the other stuff… I don´t really know how to do this. I don´t really know what I´m supposed…I don´t really know what I´m supposed to do, be, for you, now. Cause this is like you know…I mean I appreciate…you know…I think you all have become such wonderful people…wonderful people…I don´t know what…I don´t even know what I am …, because pretty much all of this stuff I´m saying is not even for me, it´s for somebody else…it´s for…it´s for something else…it´s for YOUR peace of mind... it´s not for MY peace…of mind…It´s for YOUR peace of mind… I need something to hold on to…what I have now is ...I need……I should have something for me…

C coaching M (Auszug):

C: Okay Martin!
M: Yes.
C: We are gonna go back to your past….
Relax your face, all the muscles in your face, your forehead, your cheaks, your jaw.
Relax around your shoulders, I want you to relax your neck, relax your back….

M. makes a face

C: What are you feeling
M: I have the feeling you have some idea of what past means to you…and…äh
C: What past means to me?
M: Yeah.
C: It´s not about me, it´s about you.
M: laughing…yeah, that´s what you think.
C: You don´think that´s right?
M: No

C: Relax your hands. All right. Take a deep breath into your brain right now and let it out.
M: This is about us.
C: This is about our relationship, yes. But we are working on something in you.
M: And you are not working on anything inside you, while you do this to me?
C: I am trying to understand your resistance. Where is it coming from?
M: It is no resistance, you misunderstand. I just asked a question. No resistance.

C: Well, let´s try it again then.
M: What?
C: Go back to your past.
M: laughs
C: So we are hitting some resistance again here. What is this resistance, why…
M: Maybe, because I have to go there alone. Maybe let´s go together to our past.
C: That´s not what this is about…
M: Let´s go together to our past. So you think about your past and I think about my past and then we can meet.

C: Do you wanna do this?
M: I just feel something very tensed coming from you, like a …machine.
C: A machine?
M: Yeah. It´s really like…really ahhh…wanting something very much…wanting something very strongly from me.
C: Well, that´s interesting …Does that remind you of anyone in your life? Anyone other than me? Somebody wanting something from you…
M: Yeah, I think this is a teachers disease. With every teacher…this can happen.
C: Can you think about someone in particular where that has happened? …Relax your shoulders…
M. …hm…a person that wants something from meeee…hmmm
I don´t remember so much feeling so forced.
C: Relax your neck…This is the first time this has ever happened to you? You can´t think of any event, any person that I remind you of?

M: Ok, let´s say, a teacher.
C: What´s his name…her name…is it a man or a woman you are thinking of?
M: ähhh……….let´s take a woman.
C: You are thinking about someone specific now?
M: Yes.
C: What´s her name?
M: …
C: Are you making this up, or are you…You know if you are making this up it´s not gonna work.
M: laughs.
M. Why do you want to know her name?
C: This is for you.
M: But it´s taking me out of my memory. I don´t want to tell you her name.
C: You know her name?
M: Yes.
C: Can you think of one specific situation?
M: No.
C: No?
M: No.
C. …just general.
M: I think it´s quite general, yeah.
C: Well in this work, we are trying to find something specific, Martin.
M: Okay.

C: I just don´t want to be waisting anybodies time.
M: (louder) You don´t waist time. Why do you think you waist time?
C: We need to….
M: For me all this is very important information. So why do you think you´re… don´t stress yourself, you´re so tensed. It´s not good for you.
C. I´m not tensed. Okay. Why don´t you sit down for a moment, have a rest.

M: So you don´t want to play with me anymore? That´s it?
C: No, not right now.
M: Let me tell you something. I don´t like the way you cut this. I think you are wrong in judging that this situation failed. And I want you to be interested in the thought that this was not the situation to break something off. It ´s not. It was the opposite. It was the most interesting to follow and to continue and to say, ah ,I want something specific and he is not able to give something specific to me.

C: What do you want from me?
M: I think you can teach me.
C: laugh, So you trust that I know something you don´t know.
M: Of course