Stücktext (Auszug)

(von Thomas Conway, Maria Scaroni und Hanna Hegenscheidt)

T: Okay?
M: Can I come closer?
T: Ya.
M: Or can you maybe come closer?
T: Ok, ya.
M: ya?
T: ya, like that?
M: ya.
T: Is that…Is that…is that what you wanted?
M: That´s enough…. Would you put your hand on my shoulder?
T: Ya.
M: Ya?
T: ya.
M: Would you put both hands on my shoulders?
T: ya.
M: …and make me feel you.
T: Like, where do you want me to… feel you.
M: Could you put your hands on my shoulders.
T: Ya. But where do you want me to feel you. Like…feel your body…
M: Ok, never mind.
T: Feel your body? You want me to feel your body?
M: Ya.
T: And specifically shoulders, or you mean you want me to feel your presence, your…
M: Ya. Can you try to…
T: …touch you.
T: No? M: No
T: No, okay.
M: can you try to…
T: manipulate you?
M: No…hold your breath.
T: Hmhm. When?
M: Now.
T: ya.
T: ya
T: I´m holding it.
M: Do you feel me?
T: I´m not feeling you right now….Do you want me to?…Where do you want me to feel you? Which part.
M: Could I put my hand on your shoulder?
T: ya.
T: Like, you wanna feel my chest.
M: Ya.
T: Hmhm.
M: You should move a little bit more to the right…
T: ya.
M: to my right.
T: Ya. Tilt, should I tilt?
M: Ya.
M: Would you hide your hands…
T: I can´t
M: Would you hide your hands behind your back?
T: I can´t.
M: Why?
M: Are you afraid it´s gonna hurt.
T: No.
M: I promise.It´s not gonna hurt.
T: No. I know. I know.
T: What do you want. You…
M: Can you bend over.
T: (overlapping) No. …I mean, do you really want me to?
M: I really want you to.
T: (overlapping) Why?
M: I want to see you.
T: What. See what?

T: Say something to me.
M: do you want it harder.
T: ya…no not something like that…say something else.
M: …
T: say something else. But quickly. Say something.
M: I am not good at saying something.
T. You are. You are.
M: Loser…loser…looser spine.
T: Are you trying to talk dirty to me. If you want you can talk dirty. Talk dirty.
M: Dirty.
T: Say something dirty.
M: Dirty.
T: No, not the word. Say somethinng dirty.
M: Stinky...
T: No… Tell me you like it.
M: I like it when you like it.
T: No. Tell me you like it. You like that don´t you? I´m here for you.

T: Is that good?
M: Hmhm.
T: That´s enough? Is that enough?
M: Ya.
T: So I´m doing good. Am I doing good?
T: This is what you wanted.
M: Do you feel good.
T: I don´t know. I think I´m good.
M: You want me to tell you that you are good?
T: Well, encouragement is good.
M: You´re good.
T: That´s it.
M: You´re very good.
T: You don´t look good.
M: Why?
T: I feel like you´re not happy with what I´ve done.
M: What have you done?
T: I´ve done loads. I´ve done everything you asked me to, except the odd thing, but pretty much everything you have asked.
M: What do you want me to do?
T: Well
M: Should I be softer? Should I show more softness…
T. You should look more happy…
M: Like a smile?
T: Ya. Can you smile?
M: Sure.
T: Like what I´m saying is, I tried everything and you´re not happy.
M: Should I say thank you?
T: No.
T: But I don´t want you to feel like it´s your turn to do it to me now.
M: I want to…I want to do it to you.
T: Okay….Okay.
M: I want to do it to you now.
T: Ok, that´s enough…That´s enough.
M: Are you sure?
T: Ya, really. Really. Stop.
M: Ok.
T: I would just like you to stop it. I would really like you to, like, stop what you´re doing.

M: It feels a bit stiff.
T: What was that, Elisabeth?
M: What?
T: Ok, you don´t like Elisabeth. I just wanted to say that.
M: Why?
T: because I was…I was…
M: Does this feel like Elisabeth.
T: It´s like someone.
M: Someone soft?
T: Ya.
M: So I am not soft enough?
T: You are soft.
M: But you are replacing me.
T: I am aloud to do that.
M: Yes of course, I am just wondering.
T: Should I have said it first?
M: Nonono, it´s better if you don´t say anything.
T: Ya, but I wanted to say something.
M: Like Elisabeth.
T: Ya, I mean, it dosn´t have to be Elisabeth…It could be whatever. Pick a different name.
M: hmhm…John.
T: No, not John.
M: Why,
T: It´s not working.
M: But if I asked you to bend over
T: ya.
M: would you do it.
T: Yeah…Not now.
M: hmhm. Can you be John.
T: ok.
M: stand differently.
T. Ok, and be John. Right, ok. I´m not going to talk though.
M. You don´t have to talk. You just have to touch me.
T: No I don´t.
M: yeah you have to touch my back.
T: No, I don´t.
M: Why not.
T: Ok, so what do you want right now.
M: I want your hands on my back, you know those very shy hands, touching my back.
T: Ok, and then what.
M: Would you just go streight under my shirt?
T: Yeah, ok. But in a tender way?
M: I ´ll leave that up to you.
T: Ok, then I´ll do tender.