Grayson Millwood came to Berlin in 1999 to work with Sasha Waltz in the Sophiensaele before moving with her to the Schaubühne for the creation of Körper. He worked full time with the company for three years before setting up as a freelance dancer and Choreographer in Berlin. During his time here, he has worked with Berlin based artists such as Constanza Macras, Luc Dunberry, Livia Patritzi, Jared Gradinger, Thomas Stache, Peter Mussbach, video artist Julian Rosefeldt, and recently with Nabih Amaroui and Matthieu Burner. He has also worked with Meryl Tankard (Australia), Nasser Martin-Gousset (Paris), Joachim Schloermer (Basel), Chemekilehner, and Eve Sussman (New York). In 2003, he established the collective 'Splintergroup' and more recently 'Animal Farm Collective' between Australia and Berlin. Creating “Lawn” “roadkill” and “Food Chain”. He has collaborated with Claudia de Serpa Soares on “Edgar” (Tanz im August in 2007), and “Natural Habitat” by Laurie Young (Naturkundenmuseum Berlin, 2011). This year, he is working with Sasha Waltz (Carmen), Janet Cardiff (Video walk for documenta), Amaroui Burner project (Them), he will collaborate with Jeff Wood (Cleavage), Mark Howett (Be a good little soldier) and begin creating a new work (the Freckles). In 2010, Grayson won an Australian Green Room award as best male dancer. In the coming season, he will be artist in residence at Festspielhaus St. Poelten, Austria.