TanzZeit - Time for Dance in Schools

In the spring of 2005 dancer and choreographer Livia Patrizi founded TanzZeit - Time for Dance in Schools. Since then a growing team of artists and pedagoges works on realizing the project and its goals.
TanzZeit´s main goal is to make contemporary dance as an art form acessible to boys and girls of all ages and cultural or social backgrounds and to establish dance as a part in our education system. Through this TanzZeit wants to contribute to an idea of wholistic education and the understanding of dance as a performance art.
The TanzZeit team works with around 25 artists and 50 pedagoges (school teachers) per year to realize the different dance projects in schools within all districts of Berlin.
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From 2000 - 2003 Hanna Hegenscheidt worked as a "Teaching Artist" for Lincoln Center Institutes for Aesthetic Education in New York. After moving to Berlin she met Livia Patrizi in 2005 and began to become active in the TanzZeit Project. From 2007 - 2009 and since 2015 she is also responsible for quality management, besides teaching projects in schools. Together with Jo Parkes and Livia Patrizi she developed a concept for quality assurance, dealing with evaluation, peer to peer coaching and further training for the teaching artists.
Together with Sasha Waltz and Livia Patrizi she started a children´s dance company at the Radialsystem, today Kindertanzcompany Berlin in 2007. Further she choreographed together with Ulrich Huhn for the TanzZeit Youth Company and the series TanzSpielZeit. Currently she is involved in the project "Kunstlabor Tanz", which is commissioned by the Stiftung Mercator and MUTIK to develop transferable materials to mediate and design projects around contemporary dance in schools.