I’m ok, you’re ok (2006)


“ What are you thinking about when you go out there?”


:“ Just… all those people and, you know, how unhappy most of them are, and all those terrible things they do to each other and, you know, everything is over so quickly and, you don´t have any idea of “is it is worth it or not”, you know?”


“ Is there any way I can cheer you up?”


“ No……well, what did you have in mind?”

Stardust Memories

A man and a woman with a microphone and two chairs on stage talk about their relationship to the audience in a podium discussion-like setting. With movement and text they move through pseudo-romantic episodes and "real" emotions switching roles and hircharchies.

Concept and Direction/Choreography:

Hanna Hegenscheidt

By and with:

Angharad Davies, Chris Daftsios


Hanna Hegenscheidt

Lighting Design:

Benjamin Schälike

Length: ca. 30 min.


Tanztage 2006, Sophiensaele Berlin


Dance @ 8 acres, Vermont, 2006

fabrik Potsdam 2007

Schwankhalle Bremen, 2007

Kampnagelfabrik Hamburg, 2008

Funded by the Queens Museum Of Art in New York as part of the artist in residence program and by the "Window of work" - Coaching Project with Meg Stuart as part of Tanz im August.
Coproduced by the Tanzwerkstatt Berlin.