Being Nice (2009)

A Communication-Parcours


Hanna Hegenscheidt

Choreography and Performance:

Niels Bormann, Chris Daftsios und Angharad Davies


Ulrich Huhn

Set and Costumes:

Annette Gödde, Franziska Schrage


Franziska Schrage

Lighting Design:

Benjamin Schälike


August 2009, Radialsystem Berlin


November 2009, West End Theater, New York

April 2010, Kampnagelfabrik Hamburg

Juni 2010, Xtra-Frei, Schwankhalle Bremen

Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. In Coproduktion with Kampnagel Hamburg and Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V. With support of Eliashof and HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin.

"It’s so spectacularly dense, so layered. It’s everything one could want. It’s funny, it’s poignant, it’s scary, it’s provocative, it’s insightful. And the shifts between these moods are both razor sharp and so intelligently put together."
Jeff Kazin, West End Theater N.Y., November 2009

- So, do you think we will get along?

- Yes, I think there is a possibility.

- A possibility that we will get along?

- Yeah.

- Why shouldn´t we get along?

- I don´t know.

- And how high do you think is the possibility in %?

- I don´t know, maybe 70%?

Which formulas and masks are we using in communication with others? What strategies? Pretending to be authentic or lying through one´s teeth? Dancer Angharad Davies (USA) and actors Niels Bormann (Berlin) and Chris Dafstios (USA) surrender themselves to this communicative show down.

In English and German