When the body speaks (2016)

A piece by Hanna Hegenscheidt for children age 6+
created in collaboration with Chris Daftsios, Lotta Hegenscheidt and Ulrich Huhn

as part of TanzSpielZeit, Berlin

Premiere: Nov 23rd, 2016, 10.30 am, Podewil Berlin
Further performances: Nov 25th, 10.30 am & 6 pm and Nov 26th, 5 pm

"When my body dances, it speaks.
When my body dances, it is scary.
When my body dances, it moves in a way that everybody feel good."
(Lotta Hegenscheidt)

The actor and dancer Chris Daftsios and the 7-year-old Lotta enter a dialogue with one another. The play around, make jokes and use their bodies to speak. Their interactions expose the fun, stress and self-understanding of the body to express itself.

Choreography/direction: Hanna Hegenscheidt
Performance/Choreography: Chris Daftsios
Performance/Text: Lotta Hegenscheidt
Dramaturgy: Ulrich Huhn
Production: TanzZeit e.V.