Plisch und Plum (2015)

Direction: Hanna Hegenscheidt
Dramaturgy: Sonja Bachmann
By and with: Angelika Fornell, Nikolaus Kühn, Karl Miller
Costumes and stage: Hanna Hegenscheidt and the Team of the Theater Göttingen

Premiere: July 4th, 2015

based on Wilhelm Busch

Order and chaos, freedom and drill, curiosity to discover the unknown and rules: In Wilhelm Busch´s "Plisch and Plum", these opposites clash and have to be faught out. What makes sense for children can provoke incomprehension in adults. And what is useful for the coexistence of the big Ones can mean personal constriction for the little Ones.
Using movement and text choreographer, Hanna Hegenscheidt, and the ensemble play with these opposites in Busch´s story and reflect about the joy in chaos and the need for structure from a children´s perspective.