Not with blue ribbons (2011)

A Choreography


November 24, 2011

Further performances:

November 25, 26, 27, 2011

Sophiensaele Berlin, Virchowsaal

... Schmidt, Frost and Daftsios in a loop. Schmidt, Frost and Daftsios are starting the machine. Schmidt, Frost and Daftsios are dancing.

This time Hanna Hegenscheidt leaves out words entirely. With a "doomed to fail"- aesthetic she choreographs the three actors. They misappropriate objects, examine mechanisms and recall dances from their past. Searching for the imagination in movement, movement loses its meaning. Schmidt, Frost and Daftsios get lost between genres and stuck in the elevator.

Concept and Choreography: Hanna Hegenscheidt
By and with Chris Daftsios, Cora Frost and Anna Schmidt
Conceptual and choreographic collaboration: Ulrich Huhn and Christine Marneffe
Choreographic Assistant: Vincent Bozek
stage and costumes: Moritz Nitsche
Lighting design: Benjamin Schälike
Production management: Anka Belz - ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro
Press: Björn Pätz & Björn Frers – björn & björn

Produced by Hanna Hegenscheidt and Sophiensaele Berlin.
Funded by the Mayor of Berlin – Senate – Cultural Affairs and the Rudolf Augstein Foundation.