Heroes (2013)

for children 10+

Solving math tasks.
Delivering a report.
Helping with household chores.
Standing at the black board for a test.
Knowing countries and their capitals by heart.
Jumping from the 5 meter jumping board.

Everyday life is full of tasks. It gives us normality and makes us feel safe. It is also full of worries and fears. In order to overcome those we dream of super heroe abilities that can help us.
Together with the MOKS-Ensemble Hanna Hegenscheidt researched situations in children´s lives, which have to do with repeating routines, being bored, feeling overwhelmed and being afraid. Helden outlines ways out of these situations, which sometimes are realistic, sometimes fantastic.
Based on the reception of different media by children, super heroe stories from TV, comic books etc. are being evoked by the actors to flee situations, may they be real or imagined. Their names are Batman, Young Avengers, Spiderman or Hulk. They can solve problems. But they also have suffered through a lot and have developed abilities to proactively change their situations. A dream of children as well as adults.
Hegenscheidt samples images from films and comic books, using gesture, movement and text, transforming thoughts and feelings of children into a physical reality on stage.

direction and choreography: Hanna Hegenscheidt
Creation and Performance: Phillip Börner, Nicolas Crasemann, Lisa Marie Fix, Simon Zigah
Performances: 12., 13., 14., 16., 18., 19., 20., 21.6. 2013
MOKS Theater Bremen