We are in constant communication with our "Umwelt" (surrounding). My focus lies on the interaction between ourselves and others, that space of negotiation and manipulation, which often is ambiguous, indistinct or displaced.
Our body composes itself in relation to people, objects, tasks, feelings etc. How can I reveal the different layers of presence or absence of relation immanent in communication? What does the displacement or reorganisation of relations produce?
My current interest is the separation and displacement of body language and the spoken word. I work with film material, editing, fragmenting and sampling movement and text and reorganizing it on stage.

In 2005 Hanna Hegenscheidt started to create her own work. in 2014 she received her MA in Choreography at the Theaterschool Amsterdam. Her work has been presented in New York and Europe, at Sophiensaele, Radialsystem, Uferstudios, Tanztage Berlin, Tanznacht Berlin, Yorkshire Dance Festival/Leeds, fabrik potsdam, Kampnagel Hamburg, Schwankhalle Bremen, Buchmesse Frankfurt, Freshtracks DTW/N.Y., West End Theater/N.Y., Villa Warschau among others. Further Hanna Hegenscheidt directed works commissioned by the MOKS Theater Bremen, the Deutsches Theater Göttingen, the City Theater of Münster, the Kaktus Theater Münster and the TanzZeit Project in Berlin, some of them for or with children or young adults.